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Acrefine Acoustic Barrier

Natural Rubber Mat Bonded with Synthetic Rubber

AAB-NR-BSR is a vibration damping product comprising natural rubber and synthetic elastomeric compounds bound by mass-polymerized polyurethane. Sound transmission characteristics of structures are determined by essentially three parameters: mass, stiffness, and damping. AAB-NR-BSR rubber underlays increase the damping rate of heavy horizontal structures so that freely propagating structure-borne waves decay faster and impact sound insulation performance of these structures increase above the so called coincidence frequency.

Key Features
  • Natural and synthetic elastomeric compounds bonded by masspolymerized PU
  • Density of 750 kg / m3
  • 50 Shore A hardness as standard
  • Does not accumulate static charge
  • Highly resistant to acids and alkaline detergents
  • Available in thicknesses 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 mm
  • Impact sound insulation performance (ΔLw) from 21 dB up to 28 dB

Acrefine AAB-NR-BSR can either be directly used under screed applications or in between two plywood layers which support reinforced concrete floating floor slabs resting on rubber mounts. It is recommended to be used under floating floors of equipment rooms with high noise levels where airborne and impact noise insulation performance is to be increased.