About Us

The Acrefine world is a global one that centres upon fixing and seismic technology in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC industries, and our wide range of products come into play via a multitude of essential usages. However, we’re also on-hand to work with customers by coming up with solutions for the most difficult scenarios. Problem-solving is a forte of ours. It’s a welcomed challenge.

With cutting-edge technology and years of hard-earned experience, here at Acrefine, we curate and offer key fixing products for the construction industry. We do so in three main application categories; Seismic & Wind Restraint; Noise & Vibration Control; and Acoustical Applications.

In such lines of work as this, the next challenge is always around the corner – whether expected or unexpected. With that said, we are entirely committed to solving the most difficult problems that relate to MEP installations. Whether it’s preparing for small disturbances or natural disasters, we’re malleable and reactive in our approach and our experience helps decision making.

Our aim is to serve the global construction and industrial markets and our services begin with research & development and continue with design, manufacturing and application with competitive pricing.

Seismic & Wind Restraint

At the core of our business is seismic and wind restraining designs of non-structural building components. Our outreach for such appliances are areas in the world that are prone to earthquakes and natural disasters of catastrophic magnitudes. These include; North & South America, Mediterranean Europe, Middle East and Far East, Australia & New Zealand.

To the aforementioned areas, we export a wide range of life-saving products and engineered designs from seismically restrained spring isolators and housed rubber mounts to seismic cable bracing, plus various types of snubbers. In addition to that, we also provide solutions for mechanical and electrical equipment and services such as ductwork, piping and cable trays. These are used in buildings of all shapes and sizes, from government and military facilities, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, residences and technology & industrial facilities.

Noise & Vibration Control

Another major part of Acrefine’s business is the containment and control of noise and vibration. In this specific area, the company manufactures spring and rubber vibration isolators, vibration isolation hangers and variety of pads to reduce noise and vibration caused by HVAC&R equipment, industrial machinery, piping etc.

Acoustical Applications

Acrefine also manufactures a range of products that are used in acoustical applications. This includes Acrefine Floating Room (AFR) series, which are designed to reduce noise and vibration and improve comfort levels in buildings. Major components of the system are floating floors, isolated walls and ceilings. Main applications of which include mechanical plant rooms, gyms, bowling lanes, and noise-sensitive areas such as television studios and theatres.