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Welded Type Structural Steel Base

Acrefine AIB-W type welded inertia bases are designed to provide additional mass to mechanical equipment stabilising and improving the operational performance and eliminating unwanted vibration. These bases are made of high quality structural steel perimeter channels with support brackets for mounting various types of isolators. They can be factory fabricated as well as welded on site in rectangular, L and T shapes. AIB-W type inertia bases are suitable for large and heavy equipment. They are structurally stable and robust and provide all necessary conditions for concrete pouring.

Key Features
  • Structurally stable and robust
  • Suitable for large and heavy equipment
  • Can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes
  • Perimeter heights between 150 to 300 mm
    (6″ to 12″) offered as standard
  • Available with various types of 25 & 50 mm
    (1″ & 2″) deflection Acrefine spring isolators
  • Prime coat finish applied as standard for all factory fabricated bases.
  • Compliant with ASHRAE requirements

Acrefine AIB-W type welded inertia bases are used to provide additional mass and improve the operation as well as vibration isolation of various MEP equipment. They are most commonly used with pumps that include close-coupled, inline, end suction, split case and others. AIB-W type inertia bases are also used with other equipment such as air compressors, vacuum pumps and various fans. Welded bases can be fabricated in various sizes and shapes with standard perimeter heights between 150 to 300 mm (6″ to 12″). Custom made bases are available on request.


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