Al Baraka Akkom Office Park Istanbul, Turkey

28 July 2016

Project value: 145 million USD
Reducing cost through engineering

Al Baraka Akkom is one of the largest A class office park project of Turkey, which has been offered outright, is shown as an example of work that is at world standards in terms of its unique architecture, its material quality and in terms of the effective use of the technology. The Project consists of four business towers over 160,000 sq.m (1,722,225 sq.ft) space.

The main challenge in this project has been reducing cost by not compromising the safety and quality of the work. Acrefine together with its local representative Ulus Yapi has worked closely on this project. Right from the beginning our engineers were involved with the designers to make sure seismic has been given a proper consideration. This ensured that flexibility was build in, and during the construction the MEP contractor has benefited greatly.

Acrefine’s engineering expertise and knowledge of the international building codes namely IBC, FEMA and ASCE has played a key part in reducing the cost. Most of the savings were achieved from the suspended installations, namely piping, ductwork and cable trays. Utilising Acrefine modular pads with AS-Z type snubbers has also reduced cost on the equipment side.