Engineering Services

Seismic Qualification of Equipment

Seismic qualification is the process of demonstrating the safe functioning of equipment when subjected to earthquake loading. It is becoming a common requirement in many countries as new building codes are introduced and where the overall safety and continued functionality of critical systems is required during and following a seismic event.

Acrefine Engineering can assist you with seismic qualification of your equipment. We can provide analytical analysis and if required we can help with shake table testing.

Earthquake Risk Assesment

Seismic risk assessment and loss estimation is an essential first step to seismic hazard reduction for a building. Knowing the seismic risk and potential losses allows for proper budgetary planning, raising of awareness, assessment and allocation of the necessary manpower to take action.

Acrefine Engineering can help you to protect your investment. We provide independent seismic and wind risk assessment of mechanical and electrical equipment installations in buildings. Our engineers are experts in their field who have extensive experience in the seismic protection of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems.

Vibration Analysis

In recent years architects and building design teams have become more aware of the potential noise and vibration problems from HVAC systems. They are aiming to eliminate these problems as occupants expect to live and work in quiet environments.

Acrefine Engineering offers vibration analysis  services for the HVAC systems. We are ready to address your needs with a professional approach and to come up with the right solution.

Onsite Installation Supervision

HVAC systems are custom manufactured for a building. Projects can also have many iterations along the way until they are completed.

Acrefine Engineering can assist your project with onsite supervision. We will liaise with your engineers and technicians to make sure the drawings and instructions are followed. We will make every effort to achieve the best outcome.