AAF-RPU-20 Type

Description Key Features Applications

Acrefine Acoustic Underlayment

Recycled Polyester Fiber Underlayment

Acrefine AAF-RPU-20 resilient layer is an acoustic underlayment panel of high density technical fiber-fabric (130 kg/m3) with high sound and heat insulation properties. The polyester recycled fibers are 70% post-consumption materials and obtained from post consumer PET bottles. AAF-RPU-20 is non-toxic and ecological. It has unlimited duration and it does not pulverize. Therefore, Acrefine AAF-RPU-20 does not produce microfibers that may affect air quality.

Key Features
  • Sound and vibration impact isolation
  • Dynamic stiffness: s’ = 10 MN/m3
  • 20 mm thickness
  • Compressibility Class C2
  • Noise reduction, Lw = 32dB
  • Thermal resistance, Rt = 0.625m2K/W

AAF-RPU-20 is suitable for floor impact noise reduction and it is designed for the construction of dry floating floors made of gypsum-fiber boards, fiber-cement or wood-base panels. If used for sand-cement poured screed (minimum 5 cm screed thickness), a protective PE film should be laid. The screed must ensure adequate mechanical strength referring to load and laying condition (specifications given by screed supplier).