Floating Floor Mount – AFR-R Type

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Acrefine Floating Floor Mount

Modular Rubber Isolation Mount

Acrefine AFR-R type floating mount is designed to create air gap between structure and equipment which in turn minimize noise transmission and vibration from equipment to structures. Unique shape of the mount incorporates four columns at the corners which are raised to achieve deflection under uneven loading.

Mounts are made up of 9 modules (3×3) of 236x236x50 mm (9″x9″x2″). AFR-R type modules are manufactured at 78x78x50 mm (3″x3″x2″).


Key Features
  • Modular design
  • Sound, vibration and impact isolation
  • Suitable for uneven loading
  • Can be stacked with steel plates to achieve high deflection
  • Natural Rubber (NR) compound with high dynamic stiffness
  • 70 Shore A Hardness as standard

Acrefine AFR-R type floating floor mounts have many applications that include reducing sound and vibration transmission from mechanical rooms. Other typical application includes isolating test rooms or even television studios where sound transmission must be kept to a minimum. They can also be used for impact isolation applications such as gyms or kitchens.

AFR-R type floating floor isolation mounts are available with up 10 mm (0.4″) deflection and 325 kg (717 Ib) load capacity for a single mount.