Wall Brace – AFR-WB Type

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Acrefine Wall Braces

Rubber and Steel Isolation Wall Brace

AFR-WB type isolation wall braces are installed on the top of partitioning walls from both sides to contribute to the structural stability and vibration isolation of these walls. The horizontal e-coated steel top plate of AFR-WB angle bracket anchors to the structural slab of ceiling whilst the vertical plate with elastic copolymer surface leans to the partitioning wall. By doing so, vibration transmission between the wall and the ceiling which are completely decoupled is prevented.

AFR-WB are manufactured from 40×40 mm angles in 1200 mm standard length. They include 12 mm thick elastic copolymer with excellent sound vibration isolation properties.

Key Features
  • Vibration isolation for a partitioning walls
  • Easy to install
  • Copolymer isolation element
  • E-coated steel angle
  • Prevents flanking noise

Acrefine AFR-WB are used in all spaces where partitioning walls are utilized, and vibration transmission between structural elements are to be prevented. AFR-WB are preferred on partitioning walls of mechanical spaces where chiller units, generators and pumps are potential vibration and noise sources. Likewise, its use is sppripriate for noise and vibration isolation of all spaces with partitioning walls that are exposed to noise of upper floors.