ASI-T6 Type

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Steel Housed with Top Plate

Acrefine ASI-T6 type seismic vibration isolators are designed to carry heavy loads. The isolator housing is fabricated from high quality welded steel. This design incorporates four restraining points that limit vertical and lateral movement of the equipment caused by external forces such as high winds or seismic events. The operational height of the isolator is fixed and any adjustment can be made via the adjustment nut on top of the spring plate. Studs are provided on the top plate for easy installation.

Vibration isolation is achieved by free-standing laterally-stable steel springs. All springs are assembled into elastomeric acoustical cups to eliminate internal noise. Springs are designed with 50% overload capacity and the lateral spring stiffness is greater than the vertical stiffness to assure seismic stability.

Key Features
  • Designed for heavy equipment
  • All-directional restraint, limiting equipment motion to 6 mm (1/4″)
  • Constant free and operational height
  • E-Coated housing for superior corrosion protection
  • Powder coated and colour coded springs
  • Field interchangeable springs
  • Can be bolted or welded in place

Acrefine ASI-T6 type seismic vibration isolators are designed for floor mounted equipment such as cooling towers, chillers and boilers. These isolators are ideally suited for applications where seismic or high wind forces are likely. Spring deflections of 50 mm (2″) provide excellent noise and vibration control.

ASI-T6 isolators are available 25 mm (1″) and 50 mm (2″) deflection as a standard. The load range is from 5760 kg (12701 lb) to 9330 kg (20573 lb). For higher deflection or load capacities please contact us.