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Acrefine Seismic Bracing

Sleeve Swaging Tool

Acrefine ASB-HS handswagers have been specifically designed for swaging (crimping) sleeves on to the wire ropes of ASB-CBL seismic bracing products. The sleeves used in the manufacture of seismic wire ropes are made of special alloys and therefore require a specific tool for swaging. This sleeve material is designed to be softer, so it spreads evenly around the wire rope. During swaging it’s imperative that the maximum break strength capacity is maintained whilst the wire rope itself remains fully intact and uncompromised.

ASB-HS range of handswagers will ensure that this is the case. Lightweight with plastic coated handles offer ease of use whilst the hardened and tempered jaws provide superior performance and long-term durability.

Key Features
  • Quick and easy use
  • Special designed jaws assure sleeves to be evenly spread when swaged on to the wire rope without decreasing the effective wire rope diameter
  • Plastic coated handles for comfort
  • Durability provided by hardened and tempered steel
  • Three sizes for the complete range of ASB-CBL wire rope bracings

Acrefine ASB-HS type handswagers are required for swaging the sleeves on to the wire ropes of ASB-CBL type seismic bracings. They provide a fast and cost-effective solution by making it possible to swage the sleeves on site.

ASB-HS type handswagers come in three sizes; HS-S is used for ASB-CBL-12 size bracing only, HS-M is used for all three ASB-CBL-12, -18 and -36 size bracings, and HS-L is used for ASB-CBL-48 size bracing only.


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