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Acrefine Rubber Hanger

Open Rubber-in-Shear Vibration Isolation Hanger

Acrefine AH-OR type rubber vibration isolation hangers are designed to minimize vibration and noise transmission from suspended equipment and piping. The hangers can be mounted directly to equipment-carrying brackets. They offer a cost effective solution for suspended noise and vibration generating equipment.

Vibration isolation is achieved by rubber designed to be governed by the shear modulus. This allows for increased strain, and deterioration is minimized. Rubber elements are grouped by their ‘Shore A Hardness’ which corresponds to different load ranges. There are three groups, each colour coded for easy identification and to promote correct installation.


Key Features
  • Double deflection rubber
  • Load capacity up to 1380 kg (3043 lb) on standard range
  • Max. deflection up to 13 mm (1/2″)
  • Designed to compensate for rod misalignment
  • Colour marked rubber elements for easy identification
  • Three groups 40, 50, 60 Shore A Hardness

Acrefine AH-OR type vibration isolation hangers are suitable for suspended mechanical equipment that generates low frequency vibration i.e. pumps, fans, blower-coil units, etc. These hangers are also used on piping and ductwork which is in close proximity to mechanical equipment.

AH-OR type vibration isolation hangers are available with up to 13 mm (1/2″) deflection as standard. The load range is from 25 kg (55 lb) to 1380 kg (3043 lb). For higher load capacities please contact us.


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