Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey

28 July 2016

Project value: 2.5 billion USD
Floating riser and acoustic room systems for high-rise buildings

Zorlu Center is Turkey’s first and only “mixed use” project with five functions and realized by the Joint Initiative Group of Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık – Emre Arolat Mimarlık Ltd. Şti.

The project extends over a construction area of 619,595 sq.m (6,669,265 sq.ft) including culture and art center, hotel, business center, shopping center and residences. The culture and art center of Zorlu Center is a giant master piece, being constructed over an area of about 30,000 sq.m (322,917 sq.ft) and with a capacity of 3500 people.

There are also a 5-star international hotel to add prestige and tourism value to Istanbul and a shopping center including world famous brands. Tower Residence apartments and Garden Residence apartments with own garden with a beautiful view offer the privilege of both being at the heart of the city and feeling as if the city is far away.

The offices that are planned as integrated parts of the overall project are positioned horizontally on a single floor rather than gathering in a tall tower.